Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hollande’s three measures to help women in French politics

On Thursday 26 January, François Hollande unveiled his 60 manifesto pledges for the French presidency.  Of particular interest to those concerned with women’s representation is pledge #48.  In a single pledge, he makes no fewer than three promises which have direct significance for women’s representation.  He offers to strengthen the ‘parity’ law (a somewhat ineffective law obliging parties to field 50% women candidates), to introduce a proportional element to parliamentary elections, and to clamp down on multiple office-holding.  All of these promises are potentially beneficial for women.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

End of triple-A, end of Sarkozy?

On 13 January, France lost its triple-A rating from Standard and Poor's, who downgraded France to AA+.  This is bad news for the French economy and a political disaster for Sarkozy, especially as it comes just a few months away from the presidential elections this spring.  It damages Sarkozy’s credibility, benefits his rivals and focuses attention on his weaknesses and away from his strengths.

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